Do you publish fanfiction?

No, sadly, we do not publish fanfiction as such.

Then...what do you publish?

We publish original works written by fanfiction writers, for example:

• AUs that diverge so much from the work they were based on that have become original works with an universe of their own.
• Stories that are inspired by a fandom, but are completely original.
• Original works that share the spirit of fanfiction (use of tropes, fanfiction dynamics...)

Can the stories be previously published?

Not the traditional way, but it's fine if they're in platforms such as AO3 or Wattpad.

In what language do you publish?

We publish in Spanish, both works originally in that language, and translations.

Do you accept manuscripts right now?

Not right now. We're currently contacting the authors ourselves, but we'll let you know when we do!