I’m Qoyari, one of the editors here at UA.

If you’re here, it means that you’re interested in what we do, so I want to take the chance to explain a little where this idea came from, and what is it that moves us.

Once, I read a fanfic that made me want to click like in each chapter (this has happened many times since, but that was the first one), but, apparently, you could only leave kudos once per story, and that made me wonder…

First: why hasn’t anyone published this as a book?, and, second: how can I show this writer how much their story meant to me? What other ways do I have, besides kudos and reviews? I thought that it could be great if they had a book, so I could buy it.

Then it came to me; that was the way I could show my gratitude: publishing their story.

Then came the rest, the wanting to do it not only for the writers, but also for the people who read them. Because us fans move the world; we’re the ones who read, who watch shows, who watch movies,… we’re the ones who establish a strong connection with the works that we like, we buy merchandise, we watch all the spin-offs, prequels, sequels, we draw fanart…, but mostly, above everything, we write fanfiction.

When the ending of a show leaves you disappointed, it’s probable that there are hundreds of stories in the internet written by people that thought exactly what you thought, and when you find them, somehow, you connect with a network of people that not only see what you see, but also write exactly the stories that you want to read.

Here at Universo Alternativo we want to connect with more fans, we want to help the fanfiction authors that we love reach people that, otherwise, would never know of their existence. Also, and above all, we want to thank them for sharing with us, without asking for anything in return, the exact stories that we want to read.

We’re fans who publish stories written by fans, for other fans.